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Order the Limited Edition Life in Rear View Collector’s Pack

This beautiful, limited edition Collector’s Pack contains a CD with all 12 mastered album tracks and exclusive bonus content including voice memos from the writing of four songs and two demos sent to producers. Then you can pull out the 24 page full color booklet with photos, messages from Kara, and lyrics to every song; with Kara’s favorite lyrics highlighted. This limited edition Collector’s Pack is a necessity for any Kara Connolly fan. Each limited copy will be numbered and signed by Kara. Get yours while supplies last!



From sweeping desert landscapes to pops of color and memories in Japanese tea gardens, jump into the visual universe of Kara Connolly.

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Recent Singles


Other People
February 2019

Now we’re dancing with other people, orbiting around the same sun.


Swing Swing
October 2018

Did you think that I would cry on the phone?

Kara’s reimagined, melancholic cover of The All-American Rejects’ pop-punk hit.

Nice Guy
August 2018

I don’t care about the clothes the clothes that you wear, or the car that helps you get there, long as you show up and you care.


October 2018

But I should’ve left a long time ago; Guess you don’t know what you don’t know…until you do.

Life in Rear View
July 2018

I just don’t know how to be a memory.


Let Me Go
April 2019

I wanna hear my heart break, make my mistakes, choose what to believe and my own way.


Look Cool

The best way to support new music is to look super fly. From our unbiased research, the only cool clothes for 2019 are found in the Kara Connolly catalog. We also recommend adding in some pins and the new Limited Edition Collector’s Pack CD.



From selling out the iconic Hotel Cafe more than once to doing a Califoregon West Coast Tour in 2018, the best way to experience Kara Connolly is live and on stage.

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“…invitingly open-hearted…”

- Indie Tastemaker Blog, The Line of Best Fit



Though we highly recommend the shirts, you’re probably here for the music.

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