Life In Rear View

Debut Album Available Everywhere May 17

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From sweeping desert landscapes to memories in Japanese gardens, watch the music videos and visual universe of Kara Connolly.

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Recent Singles


Other People
February 2019

I thought that we could be friends, but no.


Swing Swing
September 2019

A beautifully reimagined cover of the All-American Rejects single.

Nice Guy
August 2018

I don’t want a guy who’s just for the weekend.


September 2019

Guess you don’t know what you don’t know, until you do.

Life in Rear View
July 2018

I just don’t know how to be a memory.


Look Cool

The best way to support new music is to look super fly. From our unbiased research, the only cool clothes for 2019 are found in the Kara Connolly catalog. We also recommend adding in some pins and vinyl.



From selling out the iconic Hotel Cafe more than once to doing a Califoregon West Coast Tour in 2018, the best way to experience Kara Connolly is live and on stage.

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“Connolly’s invitingly open-hearted indie-cum-folk pop is a welcome one.”

- Line of Best Fit



Though we highly recommend the shirts, you’re probably here for the music.

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